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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Holy scraps!  It has been weeks since I last caught you up with a Work in Progress Wednesday post.  To be honest lately I have been feeling a very overwhelmed.  I have been busy with the kids and feel that the people closest to me are pulling me in different directions, for one reason or another.  So, in an effort to feel less overwhelmed, I cleaned out my sewing space (my happy place) and accessed what I have going on, commitments deadlines, and unfinished projects. 

First up my, I {heart} the 80's Swap, is done and ready to shipped off to my partner.  I am just waiting to hear back from my swap mama for the OK.  More on this one once my partner receives her goodies.

New Projects: - Yeah, a got a few of those...

Doll Quilt Swap - I am so excited about this one.  Here is the the quilt top.  I just need to add a boarder, piece the back, and of course quilt it, but all that seems like cake now that I figured out the math on the right angle triangles.  Boy, they were a pain.  Is it to much to ask to have all your points match up? 

Make Mine Modern Swap - I gotta plan on this one and it is almost done.  I will share more on this one soon.
July Bee Blocks - Got to get these started and sent out, July is almost over for heaven sake.

On Going Projects:
Memory Quilt - in my last post for WIP Wednesday I mentioned that I was sketching out some ideas and going through the my bin of baby clothes.  I am happy to report that I have most of the quilt cut and should be ready to start piecing soon.  This weekend if the sun, the moon, and the stars all aline. 

Farmers Wife Quilt-Along - No completed blocks since my last Farmers Wife post, but I have spent some time cutting out the pieces.  Some of these blocks have a lot of half square triangles!  I am connecting with my inner Farmers wife and tracing and cutting out each template indivually.  So, this might take a little time.

No Progress:
2010 Scrap Quilt - I still need to finish hand quilting this quilt, but it is too hot, I live in Florida after all.  Who wants to sit under a heavy quilt in this heat?  I might have to wait till winter to finish this one.
Apple Core Quilt - haven't touch this one in ages....

Wow!  I thought this was suppose to de-stress me.  It has a little....at least now I am organized.  Now it is time for something fun.  Follow me over to Freshly Pieced and see what everybody else has going on.


  1. oh dear! You do have alot on your plate! I, too, am trying to finish up projects so I can start the new ones I've committed to! yikes. GOOD LUCK! Your little doll quilt is darling tho!

  2. Love the colour variety in your doll quilt swap quilt. It looks so cheerful and fun!

  3. I have an apple core quilt in wait also, LOL! Actually I got the die for my accuquilt cutter, and need to cut the apple cores to have it be on the 'waiting' list I suppose. Your doll quilt is lovely, Great pattern, and I honestly can't see the mismatched points.

  4. The DQS looks great.... I need to get started on my FQ quilt... I am kinda intimidated by those templates.

  5. The DQ is great! I can't imagine trying to hand quilt in Florida. You would have to sit in the freezer for it to be comfortable.

  6. Wow! Really love that doll quilt. Very cool on the twist like that. :D

  7. HALF SQUARE RECTANGLES??? I've been trying to figure those out for forever! Way to go! It looks amazing!

  8. i like that doll quilt. lovely colors.

  9. Glad to hear you cleaned out your space. It really does help with the overwhelmed feeling. Your doll quilt looks great.

  10. Your doll quilt looks lovely! Hope your quilting projects can help you destress rather than add to your stress :)

  11. Your doll quilt is so beautiful and original! I love it! Sounds like you're a swapping machine. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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